Marek Wawro

Born in 1953 in Busko Zdroj. Does painting, drawing and print. Member of ZPAP and SPP. Won Scholarship of Minister of Culture in 2000.

Within the Author's artistic output, there are near 27 individual exhibitions around the country, including exhibition in gallery POSK London in 1996 and participation in manifold collective exhibitions. Of all competitive exhibitions, he was awarded ten times, to mention Grand Prix at "Przedwiośnie 16" in 1992 BWA Kielce.

His works are part of many private art collections in the country as well as abroad. The Author's painting is a desire to go beyond the gallantry of matter into the phenomenality, without losing the spirit and values of objectiveness. A simultaneous touch of matter and energy clasped together, even though not always pleasant. A joy in seeking associations, sense of space or context, (even) without the necessity of finding the univocal, reminds of the very pleasure of contemplating the world from the position of a spectator stealing a free ride.

Marek Wawro - Archetypy i znaki - Droga
Marek Wawro - Archetypy i Znaki - Ołtarz
Marek Wawro - Archetypy i Znaki - Relief I
Marek Wawro - Archetypy i Znaki - Tableau I

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