Anna Malinowska

She was born in Golub-Dobrzyń. She studied paintings and grafics by Kiejstut Bereźnicki and made her diploma in1991. She occupies with painting and mural painting

In my painting the most important are atmosphere, climate. Througth the muliply objects and characters I construct not real situations and events which are not easy to name or define. My pictures consist of meaningful layers, seemingly simple, but in the whole not so easy to deciphrate in the first contact. I am anxious traying discretly to involve viewer into the picture in order to give him or her a chance to touch it as the whole.

Anna Malinowska - Aniołki
Anna Malinowska - Jeleń w lesie
Anna Malinowska - Zając na polowaniu
Anna Malinowska - Smok  biały
Anna Malinowska - Centaur

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