Józef Łącki

Born in 1944. He studied painting at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts (diploma in 1970 under the guidance of prof. Studnicki).
Everyday-life scenes are his passion. He also paints landscapes, still lifes, portraits and flower compositions.

His new paintings have been influenced by experiences he got during his trips to Italy and at Venice Carnivals.

Amongst his latest artistic works there are cycles of everyday-life scenes inspired by paintings of Vermeer Van Delft and Henri de la Tour (Venice Carnival, Boudoirs).

Józef Łącki participated in numerous exhibitions and openair painting events. His paintings are exhibited in private collections in Poland and abroad (Australia, Canada, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zeland, Mexico, Spain and the USA)

Józef Łacki - Bribery attempt
Józef Łacki - Innocence
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Józef Łacki - Rivals

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