Ewa Hogren

was born in Poland but has been living and working in Sweden for 22 years. She studied history of arts and painting in Art College Helsingborg - Lund under prof. Anneli Lantz's guidance. Now she studies architecture of interiors at the University in Copenhagen. She is engaged in easel painting, graphic design and sculpture. She is a member of Swedish artists' association - Svenska Konstnarsforbundet.

Individual exhibitons:

  • 1998 "Moods" - Galleri Profitys, Helsingborg, Sweden

  • 1999 "On the Way of Time" - Famagusta Gate Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus

  • 2000 "Between" - Galleri Profitys, Helsingborg, Sweden

  • 2000 "Faces" - Galleri Toviani, Helsingborg, Sweden

  • 2001 "Red-blue Associations" - The Club of 13 Muzes, Stettin, Poland

  • 2002 "Intimacies" - Galleri Kullakonst, Krapperup, Sweden

  • 2002 "Evolution of a Portrait" - Gallery of Art Gabana, Poznan, Poland

  • 2003 - "Penetration" - Art Novum Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

    Ewa Hogren took also part in more than thirty collective exhibitions in Sweden and Denmark, where she received numerous rewards and honorable mentions.

    Ewa Hogren - Proximity
    Ewa Hogren - Blaze
    Ewa Hogren - Madonna
    Ewa Hogren - Together
    Ewa Hogren - Walking

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