Rajmund Giersz

Born in 1937 in Mińsk Mazowiecki.He developed his painter`s talent by co-operation and exchange of experience with professors from academies of fine arts in Poland and other artists in the world.
In his characteristic paintings expressing attraction, fear, obsessions, and connotations, he uses human shapes and translates this into works of art.
The orders executed by him surprise the viewers with artistic invention.
Paintings by Giersz open new, different opportunities for the perception of our life.
The artist`s accomplishments impress themselves on our minds, stimulate change, and give rise to the streams that so far have not existed in us.
The artist`s works are part of national and private collections in Poland and abroad.

Rajmund Giersz - Distress and ecstasy
Rajmund Giersz - Beach in Antibes
Rajmund Giersz - First love
Rajmund Giersz - The Colourful nature of dreams
Rajmund Giersz - Carnival under Eifell`s Tower

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