Halina Kwiecińska Bonikowska

Born in 1939 in Lodz. In 1966 she obtained a diploma at the State College of Plastic Arts in Lodz at the Faculty of Printing, where she studied under the guidance of Prof. Teresa Tyszkiewicz and Prof. Zdzisław Głowacki. After her studies she worked as scenographer in the Polish film industry (e.g. the film "Pharaon"), then as an advertising artist. For the last 30 years she has practiced painting only. We can specify 3 main stages of her creative activity:

Zoomizm Her paintings from this period focus onto individual item leaving others in the impressionistic mist. The artist had achieved an unique play of light and colour working just like a zoom lens in a camera. The French art crities called this new stile the "zoomism".

Abstraction This period differs from zoomism by, in particular, broader and bolder use of contrast of colour and form. The paintings are more graphic and create trains of associations. The artist applies various painting forms, from slight deformation to complete abstraction.

Theme Cycles Using the experience of her previous periods, the artist seeks order and sublime aesthetic impressions in art in her pursuit of harmony and perfection of combinations. Dramatic contrasts alternate with subtle pervasion of colours. Paintings are full of light, colour and space.
The works of Halina Kwiecińska-Bonikowska have been exhibited at numerous individual and collective events in Poland and abroad. Her paintings adorn the interiors of many embassies, companies, banks etc. They are exhibited in private collections in Poland and abroad (Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and the USA)

Halina Kwiecińska-Bonikowska - On the road 
Halina Kwiecińska-Bonikowska - My safety
Halina Kwiecińska-Bonikowska - To those fields painted with various corn...
Halina Kwiecińska-Bonikowska - Still life: apples, pears
Halina Kwiecińska-Bonikowska - A glass of red wine

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