Tomasz Bachanek

Graduated Academy Of Fine Arts in Gdansk in 1988.
Watching his works of art you have an impression getting into theatre or being at a concert.
It`s cause by painter`s gestures and essence of situations presented by the author in his emotional approach of matter. Colours, light and impulsive drawing simultaneously create vibrating space specific for Bachanek`s works. Figures composition, colour explosion, composing and, at last variety of forms cause that these pictures are alive, are almost animations.
So, Honourable Spectacor, you have an occasion to use invitation inwards of Tomasz Bachanek`s paintings,create by his outstanding talent and gift of open the gate for real painting.

Major Collective exhibitions: 1988 - "Arsena³ 88", Warszawa; 1989 - "Grand Mal", Pulawy; 1989 - "Red & Withe", Warszawa; 1991 - "Yellow House", Pulawy; 1992 - Douai, Francja; 1993 - "salon Des Peinters Polonais", Antibes, Francja; 1997 - "International Art Expo", New York, USA; 1997 - "Art Americas", Miami, USA.

Major indiwvdual exibitions: 1994 - Europe Des Beaux Arts Gallery, Antibes, Francja; 1994 - "Femmes, Femmes", Aougins, Francja; 1988 - Clearwaer, USA; 1997 - "Bachanalia", Embassy Poland, Washington, USA; 1997 - "Grand Bachanalia" Veni Vidi Ave Artes Gallery, Delray Beach, Floryda, USA; 1998 - "Bachanalia na Zamku", Ketrzyn.

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